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Dynamic Health through Ayurveda

How is the state of your Digestion Mind Skin Muscles Emotions ?

Most people struggle with digestive issues or habits that don't serve them. I offer a time tested, natural approach that brings awareness and restores intelligent control of one's choices to lead a happy, fulfilled life.

What is Āyurveda?

Āyurveda is a natural system of health and healing that has always existed. Though ancient, it is vibrant, dynamic, relevant and usable today. Worldwide interest and modern science are beginning to pay attention to these techniques for healing the body, mind, and spirit. 

Āyurveda is a personalized approach to prevention. It focuses on guiding you to a deeper level of self-awareness, so that you make choices that are right for your physical body, mind and spirit. Āyurveda pays particular attention to your digestion and daily & seasonal routines which ultimates impacts every other part your being.

What to Anticipate at Your Initial Āyurveda Consultation

  • Once payment has been made and I have your email, I will send you an extensive Intake Form. This will cover your state of health as it is NOW and your family’s health history. Complete and email it to me. Upon receipt, I’ll review it and send you a link to pick an appointment time for the consult.
  • Then we’ll take an in-depth, cooperative look at your life (90 minute Initial Consult). Through the Āyurvedic perspective, I:

    • Identify and understand the current state of health

    • Discuss what changes you are experiencing

    • Examine your diet and lifestyle habits

    • Explore and determine what your long term view is for your health

    • Work with you to set the strategy to move you towards improving your physical and emotional well being.

  • You can expect questions about:
    • Past health issues and pre-existing conditions

    • Current diet, sensitivities and preferences

    • Sleep and evacuation patterns both past and present

    • Factors with may impinge upon your mental health

The Follow Up

A Follow Up is a check in regarding changes that you observe or questions regarding your plan. I encourage an open dialogue to support you in this process. Follow Ups are scheduled a minimum of 60 days after the Initial Consultation. It takes time to incorporate new techniques, so it is important to give yourself the time to adjust and work with your plan.

Based on the state of imbalance, there may be 1 to many Follow Ups. Changes you experience will either inform me that we reached the intended goal OR or we could move on to the next phase if you so choose.


Services and Fees

Āyurveda Consultation:  $100 (90 minutes)

Follow Up Appointment: $65 (60 minutes)






Linda’s signature, anchor educational program helps you learn Āyurveda while you put it into practice in your life.

 Live Ayurveda 


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Meet Linda Rowe, NAMA Ayurvedic Practitioner

Linda Rowe

My Ayurveda journey is as eclectic as my yoga journey. I first studied with Maya Tiwari at WiseEarth School of Ayurveda, then, at New World Ayurveda, and Āyu Academy. Most recently, I have continued my studies with Dr. Anusha Sehgal, BAMS MD(Āyurveda) of Boston Ayurveda, Inc. 

I also bring in my studies of other energy modalities like reiki, emotional energy work and therapeutic yoga to bring a wide range of recommendations and support to those wishing to do the Inner Work. 

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