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Following My Heart

Linda Rowe

I was running a sweet, old B&B in Walkill, NY for some friends of mine. It had almost been a year when everything fell apart.

My friends were going through a divorce, a bit of a messy one. The house I was living in was going up for sale and the B&B business would be ending. What to do? Sit and meditate, that’s what. All my years of steady hatha practice, meditation practice, chanting practice, pranayama practice had taught me to “breathe and be”, “observe and feel”. So that’s what I did.

After much journaling, chanting, meditation, runes and being with spiritual teachers it became clear that I needed to follow my heart to Houlton. That’s what I wrote in my journal one day. Houlton, ME is the genesis of the I-95, near the Canadian border. I would move there, live in the woods and teach yoga.

I started to teach yoga and people liked it and wanted to continue practicing, so I got a little studio and that is how it all began! Meanwhile, about the same time, I met my future husband, David. He invited me to dinner…at his place…a cabin…in the woods and off the grid. I moved in a few months later. 

I moved the studio several times, taking on incarnations of a solo studio to creating a Healing Arts Center with Massage Therapists and Tai Chi Guides. Many times I just wanted to throw in the towel and shut everything down. It never happened. The desire to teach and the support of very wonderful community members would not let that come to be. I settled into a small studio that I called Suite 7 Yoga & Ayurveda. 

Now, in 2020, with the onset of covid19, I’ve had an amazing opportunity to take my classes on line. My approach to the studio and teaching has always been:

  • Teach students how to practice yoga safely and intelligently so that they can go into any class anywhere.

  • Teach what I was taught.

  • Help those in my community who want to heal and/or be healthy.

  • Be in relationship with students, know them -in order to help them grow into their True Selves.

  • I’m excited to be able to expand my community as I push the walls the studio outward finding purpose to help more people during a time of challenge like Covid-19.

My Lineage and Study

I bring varied past experiences to my classes, which include the teachings of Yogi Amrit Desai, Bhagavan Das and Swami Divyananda Saraswatiji. I began my yoga journey in New Paltz, NY in 1994, at the Mid Hudson School of Yoga and continued with Kim Valeri of YogaSpirit Studios in Essex, MA. My Yoga classes include an eclectic mix including Kripalu, Iyengar and Anusara influences. I may sound like a yoga snob or you might think I’m a “granola yoga teacher” sort, but I am really all about the practicality and simplicity that yoga offers us.

My passion to teach fills the calendar with Yoga classes and Āyurveda consults each week. Currently, I teach online to varying levels of difficulty based on the students’ needs. I  have continued my Āyurveda studies with Dr. Anusha Sehgal, BAMS MD(Ayurveda) of Boston Ayurveda, Inc. I live off-grid in the northern backwoods of Maine with my husband, Dave.

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