Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do if I'm a New Student?

Sign up for the Beginner’s Classes and Linda will send you a link to the New Student Waiver Form. Fill this out and return it, then Linda will connect you to the correct group of classes for your level of expertise. 

Why do I get sent to a link for Ubindi to take a class?

Ubindi helps Linda monitor class cards and programs and provides a secure zoom link. 

Here is that link, you can buy your class cards through ubindi or the backwoodsyogini site.  

What can I do to be ready for my class anywhere?

  1. If Zoom is a new thing for you, you should create a Zoom account and install the Zoom application on your computer or device well before you try to join your first class. We also strongly recommend that you are logged in to your Zoom account before you try to join your class from Ubindi. This will ensure a seamless experience!
  2. Check your email for your zoom link from Linda Rowe via ubindi, it will look something like this.
  3.  20-30 minutes before class time gather your mat and props that like to use: Blocks, towel, cushion, chairs, blanket, socks, etc. and maybe relegate the pets to another room. 
  4. 15 minutes before class open the email and click link to JOIN CLASS. You’ll be popped right into our virtual studio. OR you can go to Ubindi and find the link there as well.
  5. When first connecting Zoom will ask you to connect “internet audio” it is important to say YES so you can hear what is being said.
      1. If you mess up, Don’t Worry! You can sign out and follow the above steps to try again or try “Join Audio” in the lower left corner of your screen.
      2. Now you can say hello to Linda who will welcome you. (**If you are coming late to class mute yourself see instructions below.)
  6.  During Classtime it’s polite to MUTE yourself, so others in class can just be on their mat and in class with yoga. Muting cuts out the dog, the phone, the kids. It’s a simple gift we can give each other and you can unmute at the end to say “Namaste” or “Goodbye” to Linda before you click Leave the class.  

I don't feel comfortable with Zoom. Can you show me how it works?

Sure. We hope this image below helps you feel comfortable.  That’s Linda in the studio ready to welcome you to your first LIVE class!


Can I register for more than one class at a time so I can plan my schedule?

Of course, Backwoods Yogini loves when you do that so we know how many people to expect in each class. Once you purchase your class package, you can register for your classes through ubindi which will send you and links to your upcoming classes.

Your ubindi list might look like this. The green indicates a class you’ve registered for OR maybe you’ve chosen “Adopt a Backwoods Yogini Life” and you’ve registered for them all!

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