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A personalized approach for the choices that are right for your physical body, mind and spirit.




Ayurveda - Health for your whole being

I am experiencing better personal and physical alignment. I also picked up Ayurvedic practices that helped my physical self. Linda is wonderful and wise in her yoga and Ayurvedic practice and has a lot to offer in aiding people to find a more peaceful soul and strong physical being.
Houlton, ME
Linda’s knowledge of yoga is extensive, as is her knowledge of Ayurveda. I have been transformed physically, mentally, and spiritually.
K. C.
Presque Isle, ME

Problems are gateways to growth. If you deny or ignore them you will miss the hidden messages within them.

~Yogi Amrit Desai

Ayurveda An Ancient Holistic Healing Practice

gratefully offered by Linda Rowe, NAMA Ayurvedic Practioner
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Ayurveda Follow Up Appointment, Ayurveda Initial Consultation


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