Emotional Energy Work

Clear stagnant energy from the body to open new pathways for growth.



Clear stagnant energy open new pathways

Sometimes, we need to clear out the energy body.

Linda uses chakra energy techniques to clear, balance or heal energetic blocks or wounds. This can result in the release of stress via emotions, but  this is all part of the cleansing/clearing process and is fully acceptable. For Linda, to work with someone in this way of healing is a great gift. 

“I have tremendous respect for the person who wishes to finally  be rid of whatever is holding them back from fully experiencing their full potential.”

Linda Rowe, Backwoods Yogini

Fee is for a one hour session. 

Problems are gateways to growth. If you deny or ignore them you will miss the hidden messages within them.

~Yogi Amrit Desai

Ayurveda An Ancient Holistic Healing Practice

gratefully offered by Linda Rowe, NAMA Ayurvedic Practioner
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