Private Yoga Session

Dive deeper into your practice. 1 on 1 with Linda.



A Heartfelt Yoga Class Just for You

Book your one on one session with Linda to dive deeper into specific areas of yoga for therapeutic or educational needs. Embrace the class intention: 

The practice of yoga is a special and sacred time I have created to be with myself. It is a time to journey inward to discover all of who I am and all of whom I’m capable of being. This journey begins with this body. I come to nurture, nourish, strengthen and purify the body through the practices of the postures, the breathing and the meditation. I am not here to beat myself up or force my body into pain. I am not here to compare or criticize myself or anyone else. I am just here to learn the ways of nature through this body by listening to it and observing it and by honoring it and trusting it. AND I intend to use what I learn to serve myself and to serve others. 

Total dedication to one thing that you love becomes a powerful opening for all that is good and desirable in your life.

~ Yogi Amrit Desai

Heartfelt Yoga Anywhere You Go

gratefully offered by the Backwoods Yogini
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