Spread BY Love

Spread the Backwoods Yogini Love!

… to friends, family or coworkers.


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Shower Yourself with Backwoods Yogini Love

& Share that LOVE with the Important People in Your Life

Your "Spread BY Love" package:


  • 6 months of Unlimited Live Yoga Classes (over 100 classes!)
  • Access to Your Own Special Yoga Channel (Linda will provide you (5 recorded classes that you can access whenever you want!)
  • 2 Ayurveda Consultations
  • 1 Kansa Wand from The Āyurveda Experience
  • 1 Vyam Yoga Oil from The Āyurveda Experience
      • a Restore-active Elixir
      • like yoga for your face!
      • 100% natural & gluten free

Continue to indulge or share with: 

  •  4 BY Solid Lotion Bars & Tins
    • Plus 2 Solid Lotion Bars
  • 6 BY Solid Lotion Coins & Tins
    • 4 packs of 2 lotion coin refills
  • 1 -10 Session Virtual Class Card to give away or extend your classes. 
  • 20% off Riverbend Cabin Rental  Coupon to help you really get away from it all. On your own or with friends. 
  • And be the first to hear about special offers and new programming.

Your greatest responsibility is to love yourself and to know you are enough.

We have to fill up our pitcher before we can water the growth of others with our love.

Be like the Sun, Shine Your Love on Everyone.

Aine Belton
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We know, we know. You are wondering about that price… what a weird number you may be thinking…

 But did you know that 108 is considered a holy number in several major religions? It is the number of abundance, the number of the hum of the universe – the Om. 108 is also the number of energy lines that converge to make the HEART CHAKRA… and with this package we want YOU to feel and radiate 10 times that amount of LOVE.  


Enjoy your Spread BY Love package today. 


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