Video Library

How to Access My Video Library

There are 2 separate links that you’ll need to know about.

There’s the link to my BIO PAGE which will list the Collections. When you select a Collection, you’ll be brought to the secure site for payment. If you have a discount code, you’ll enter it here, finish paying and you’ll also create your login/password. You should be done with this link until you want to change your subscription.

The second link takes you to my LIBRARY. Here, you can sign in with your login and start classes. This will be the link you go to during your subscription time period. Or, you can sign in below right from my website! Even easier.

Once you have your login info, you can sign in right here to take your class!

Descriptions of the Collections

Introductory Beginner Series

This 4 Class Series sets the foundation for continuing classes with me live or taking other recorded classes. I provide lots of verbal guidance and cues. We go through all the parts of the class fairly slowly to give your mind and body a chance to align. Mostly, it’s so your mind can process the details. This series is also key because it sets up how most of the classes in the Beginner Collection go.

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