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Yoga for Dynamic Equanimity

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“Yoga is the gift you give to yourself and everyone gains the benefit as well. “

Linda Rowe, the Backwoods Yogini tweet

Yoga for Dynamic Equanimity:

Whether it is a Gentle, Beginner, Mixed Level, Intermediate or Restorative Class; it all comes down to "dynamic equanimity ". We are always in an ebb and flow of cold/hot, heavy/light, strong/soft, stiff/flexible, moving/stillness, slow/fast, smooth/choppy... On the mat we sit in that place of observation to get a handle on the body/mind/breath/heart to create a space for adjusting and fine tuning, settling, accepting and allowing.

Rediscover Your Wholeness: 

Yoga means to yoke or bring together. 

Let’s synthesize experience with knowledge. 

Let’s practice the best of being wise and the best of being young. 

Let’s bring the spiritual (whatever that looks like to you) into your every day life. 

Let’s bring together the sacred and the mundane to be in our Wholeness once again.


Structure and Form: 

Establish strength and ease in an aligned body. 

I love to teach foundational principles of yoga to women just coming to the practice or who want refreshing.

I teach in a way that draws your mind at first to the body mechanics, then to sensations, then to the breath, then to the mind.

I teach in a way where you explore your edges and honor your limitations.


Embrace the Class Intention in Your Life

The practice of yoga is a special and a sacred time I have created to be with myself. It is a time to journey inward to discover all of who I am and all of whom I’m capable of being. This journey begins with this body. I come to nurture and nourish, strengthen and purify this body through the practices of the postures and the breathing and the meditation. I am not here to beat myself up or to force my body into pain. I am not here to compare or criticize myself or anyone else. I am just here to learn the ways of nature through this body by listening to it, and observing it, and by honoring it, and trusting it. AND I intend to use what I learn to serve myself and to serve others.

Pick the type of class that’s right for your schedule and energetic level.

Gentle Yoga: 

Gentle yoga slows down the world.  We allow a little extra time for you to get into poses, there is an emphasis on learning modifications while still working on strengthening the body, mind and breath connection. 


Mixed Level Yoga:

An opportunity to explore your yogic edge. In this class, you are encouraged to explore your capabilities with reminded awareness, we can adjust the tempo of the class to a slow flow format, moving more continuously with grace and relaxed awareness, regardless if we are using modified variations of poses or not. Less directive guidance and more energetic awareness. More meditative, less striving.


Intermediate Yoga: 

A deeper dive into the meditative practice of yoga. These classes have less verbal direction and more focus on breath, body and mind alignment through poses. These classes may also explore aspects of Iyengar, Anusara, Kripalu and Pranayama practices. 


Restorative Yoga:

Considered these days to be the “Advanced” yoga practice, Restorative yoga is the quintessential practice of our present time. EVERYONE can benefit from settling onto bolsters and blankets and be guided through deep rest and healing.

Choose the cost and commitment right for you ...

Drop in Class: $15

Virtual Class Card 10 classes $85

Live From Suite 7 A monthly commitment includes the perk of paying for a set number of classes each month either 4 or 8.  

4 class in a month for $40

or 8 classes in a month for $75. 

“Adopt the Backwoods Yogini Lifestyle” ( Book Unlimited classes) $99/ month 

“Commitment creates a new space within you in which you can live unencumbered by your past, that is tremendously liberating.”  Yogi Amrit Desai

Unlimited classes give you every opportunity to commit to yourself and your yoga practice. Access to all Zoom classes Plus Zoom links for each week PLUS YouTube Playlist access when you are away PLUS 2 private consultations. 

Private Class: $90/hour  A one on one session with Linda to dive deeper into specific areas of yoga for therapeutic or educational needs. 

Vocabulary that Linda may use in class: 

Goldilocks Yoga: Finding your “just right” practice with good alignment and breath not 

“Edge”: It is moveable and changes. You often will melt this hard point to soften and go deeper into a pose.  

Heart root: The energetic connections of muscles and postures moving in opposite direction grounding into ones feet and spiraling upward toward the top of the head as one finds their alignment.

Root and Rise: abbreviation of Heart Root. 

Observe and Feel:  Taking a pause to check In with your body and feel how the recently held pose or series of poses has effected your body, mind and breath. 

Pranayama practice: Breath practice that helps focus the mind.

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